EDRP – The Digital Instructor – School ERP System


EDUCATIONAL RESOURCE PLANNING (EDRP) is an Education related process management software, that allows an organization like Schools,Collages,Coaching center or any other educational institutes to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate many back office functions related to technology, services and human resources.

It is a user friendly and a secure division of new digital arena in the field of data management. The dedicated team of us with the experience know very well to deal with our valuable clients.
Manually written data are prone to errors which have aroused the need to adopt the advance automated and cloud based management software.
EDRP ensures that all your important information will be saved electronically and efficiently which is also a trouble free process and used very swiftly as per your requirement of work.

SO, JOIN! Your hands with us to establish the bridge between the new digital world and the management of your esteemed variables.
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Bulk SMS Marketing Raipur Chhattisgarh

Bulk SMS Service is a great marketing tool which has transformed the way of business for any kind of businesses. If your Message is short & appealing to targeted customers surely it will be read by your customers. Bulk SMS is a marketing tool which allows you to send thousands of messages in a single second. If you need to pass on urgent information to your customers or contacts, Bulk SMS is a better option is to send message that is sent directly to the mobile phones of your contacts so you can reach them wherever they are. E- Mail communication is not always effective as much Bulk SMS.
Now we start analyzing on what exactly makes it an attractive marketing tool:

People are more active on Mobile:  Mobile is becoming more and more important for all people. They do all operations through mobile and maximum time they available on phone. Because of more active on phone, Bulk SMS Service plays vital role as marketing tool.

High Open Rates:  A simple phone message can convey the information without wasting anyone’s time. Most of the people receive messages they open & read, it is very reliable to say about your products/services to customer end. They keep impression in their mind about your products/services.

Reliable & Cost effective:  Bulk SMS is very reliable & cost effective for all Industries as it provides a panel to through which can send SMS in bulk & reach to customer place anytime wherever they are. If you compare this with other mode of marketing tool, you can get this panel at very low cost & east to use.
High Response Rate:  Due to high response rate from SMS Service, Companies use this to generate leads and convert it into business. This is the easy way to generate revenue for your business.

Customer Relationship Management: To maintain relationship with your existing customers Bulk Sms Service provides an attractive marketing tool. Sending alerts from your company as customer’s availed service from you make them happy and make them to go for next purchase.
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How to make a website


Choose The Best Website Building Platform

Before you start worrying about colour schemes and domain names, you’ve got to decide what platform you’re going to build your website with.

What do I mean by “platform”?

When I got started with web development, most sites were built using HTML (code), CSS and Java script. That’s why most people still think creating a website from scratch is difficult or requires a lot of coding and design skills – but that’s no longer true!

To put simply, a content management system (or website building platform) is a user-friendly platform for building websites and managing your own online content, instead of using a bunch of loose HTML pages.

Choosing a Domain Name and Web Host for Your Website

To get a new website online, you’re going to need two things:

  • A domain name (a web address like yoursitename.com)
  • Hosting (a service that connects your site to the internet)

Where do I get a domain name and hosting?

www.shubhtech.in as a web hosting and domain registrar for our clients.

When you get a domain name, you’ll also get a personal email account(s): you@YourSite.com – way more professional than a generic Gmail or Yahoo address.

Already have a domain name and hosting? Go ahead and skip ahead to step 3, where I’ll explain how you can set up your website.


Setting Up Your Website

Upload developed website in your hosting account.

Congratulations – you’re ready to launch!


Extended Validation SSL Certificates


Extended Validation SSL Certificates are premium SSL certificates which will validate both your domain name as well as business. Hence you will have a

1. Higher Level of Trust Among Your Customers
2. Increase in Shopping Cart / Online Order Conversions
3. Higher Preference in Google Ranking
4. Less Shopping Cart Drop Outs
5. Provides a very level of encryption for your DATA
6. Above all, when visiting your website, the browser address bar will be GREEN, giving a secure visual cue for your customers

Hence apart from normal SSL certificate requirements, you will need to have a genuine, operative, registered company in order to avail EV SSL Certificate. You will also have to sign a EV SSL Request Form and Subscriber Agreement Form.

Domain Registration( Reseller)


Domain registration refers to the process of registering a domain name, which identifies one or more IP addresses with a name that is easier to remember and use in URLs to identify particular Web pages. The following procedure will help you how to Register a domain.

Required Information:

Your domain control panel user name and password. You are having a enough fund in your account to register the domain.

Pricing: For latest pricing please visit http://domain.shubhtech.in

Procedure for domain registration as a reseller:
Before registering the domains,kindly check whether you are having sufficient funds in your account.If you are not having sufficient funds,you should make the payment and contact our billing team to add funds in your account.

1]Go to URL http://resellers.shubhtech.in

2]Login using user name (email id) and password

3]Go to Products >> Domain Registration >> Check Availability

Enter a domain name and click on “search for domain names” button

4]Domain name search results will be displayed

Choose your domain name and Click on “Add ” button

7]If you are registering the domain for a new customer, Create an Account

[If you are registering the domain for an existing customer, Sign in to place your order by supply the email id you used while registering the previous domain for that customer. ]

8] Enable the radio button, Execute the request and cancel the invoice

9] And then click place order

10] Once you click the place order the amount will be deducted from your available balance.

11] kindly check at your domain control panel where the domain is registered successfully.